• The 'Double Leaf' design represents a growth mindset and the need for continual improvement. One leaf represents where you are now, and the other leaf represents where you want to be. While it's important that they overlap in some areas, the two never line up perfectly.

  • The overlap between the two leaves is also symbolic of the learning zone in training; in order to trigger learning, there should be a slight mismatch between the intended movement and the actual movement.


The name 'Calibrate' draws inspiration from Dynamic Systems Theory, a pivotal concept in the study of human movement:

To trigger learning we must prove to the body which movement patterns are stable (attractors) and unstable (fluctuators). This filtering-out process can be described as the 'calibration' of movement skills.

The Calibrate product range empowers coaches and athletes to manipulate environmental, task, and organism constraints, initiating the calibration process in athletic movements.

To learn more about the application of Dynamic Systems in sport, check out our friends over at FBS.



Harry is an athletic performance coach based in Melbourne, Australia. He works as a private consultant for professional athletes ranging from AFL & AFLW players to junior-elite tennis players, national basketballers, and international cricketers. 

Like many coaches Harry is a former athlete himself, having competed in both the VFL & NEAFL competitions before a series of foot injures and concussions got the better of him at age 20. These injuries sparked an interest in human movement that quickly turned into a passion, and later a career in athletic performance.

"As an athlete I was slow and injury-prone, so I get great satisfaction from helping my athletes increase their performance and decrease injury risk."

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