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CHAOS® Barbell Bands | 2 Pack

CHAOS® Barbell Bands | 2 Pack

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The world's first ADJUSTABLE resistance band designed specifically for olympic sized barbells. A single CHAOS® Barbell Band can create over 20 different resistance levels. Whether you're suspending weights to create perturbations or anchoring your barbell to the floor, these are the only bands you'll ever need.

Made from high strength fabric-elastic, these barbell bands are soft to touch, providing the perfect combination of comfort and robustness.

Adjustable Resistance

With 13 barbell loops, a single CHAOS® Barbell Band can provide over 20 different resistance levels. Simply choose the loop that you want, and away you go!

Strength Meets Comfort

Made from high quality fabric-elastic, our CHAOS® Barbell Bands have the strength of a latex resistance band, but the soft touch of a yoga strap. 

Anti-Slip Technology

Stop tying messy knots in resistance bands and hoping it won't slip off. CHAOS® Barbell Bands have loops specially designed to hug olympic barbells. With an internal layer of elastic rubber you can have confidence your setup is secure.

Dynamic Stability

Unpredictable, dynamic weights feed the movement system with rich training stimulus, filtering out errors implicitly and encouraging stable movement patterns. With the CHAOS® Barbell Bands your body will coach you.



Box Includes

  • 2x CHAOS ® Barbell Bands
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