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CHAOS® Throwing Sock

CHAOS® Throwing Sock

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Throwing, Bowling, Pitching

If you play an overhead sport, the CHAOS® Throwing Sock is the ultimate addition to your kit bag. Here's why:

Audible Feedback

When you release the ball within the CHAOS® Throwing Sock, you will immediately receive audible feedback as to the effectiveness of your action. If the ball makes a loud sound within the CHAOS® Throwing Sock, then we can assume your whip action was aggressive, and your shoulder deceleration was stable. This is an easy way to self-learn proper throwing mechanics.

Targeted Perturbations

The force created when the ball collides with the inside of the throwing sock, wants to pull your shoulder and elbow away from your COM. Prediction of this perturbation stimulates protective mechanisms around the shoulder and elbow in the arm's deceleration pattern. This makes the CHAOS® Throwing Sock a great tool for shoulder health and arm care.

Train in Confined Spaces

Are you a fast bowler or baseball pitcher who travels a lot? The CHAOS® Throwing Sock allows you to go through your entire throwing action without leaving your hotel room! 

Increase Velocity

In order to optimise audible feedback from the CHAOS® Throwing Sock, athletes have to overlap BOTH an aggressive whip action AND a stable deceleration pattern. Both of these components are CRUCIAL for increasing ball velocity.

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  • 1x CHAOS® Throwing Sock
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